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“ MARC is a diamond in the rough and one of the best kept secrets in the Bronx. It’s really a family-oriented center and is an excellent supplement to what we provide at home. My daughter has been involved for about two years—in the summer program where she's taken trips, and has also had math and reading tutoring.

She’s safe at MARC and I know that she feels safe there. She loves the teachers and has embraced them as part of her family. They've recognized her potential and have been very helpful in giving me referrals to schools. I was fortunate to hear about the program from another parent. With additional resources MARC could expand, invest in professional development, and offer more programs."

Nicole C. Sterling

"MARC aids kids' resiliency by providing a safe, healthy environment for them between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. when lack of adult supervision can make kids vulnerable to a lot of negative things. The program offers kids and families both academic and emotional support—both are critical for healthy development.

MARC teachers are from the community and are caring adults who want all kids to be successful. Kids can connect with MARC teachers in a less formal way than with teachers at school who often don't have time to connect individually with students. At MARC, teachers and kids eat together and meet each other's families. Kids also learn to interact with a diverse group of adults.

Personal relationships are fostered between teachers, kids, and their families. Because of this, MARC teachers can be more accessible than schoolteachers and can provide parents with an additional level of insight into their kid's development, social skills, behavior, school progress, and ability to manage anger and frustration."

Cleopatra Jacobs
MARC Volunteer and Former Student
Graduate Student in Human Development,
The University of Pennsylvania

"We're committed to prepare kids for school and life in multiple ways. In addition to the tutoring and counseling we provide in the after school programs, we also provide vision, dental, and asthma screenings. If we don't have the resources to help kids, we find them. For example, we have a lot of non-English speaking children. When I worked with kids who spoke Bengali, which no one in the program spoke, we worked among people in the community to find a Bengali translator to help us."

Wendy Gelabert
MARC Educational Director

“We work in the community to eliminate racial disparities in health outcomes. One part of our approach is to improve access to healthy foods and provide nutrition education to children and families. We work with MARC to develop a nutrition curriculum for their program for both the kids and their families so that messages about healthy eating can extend into the home. MARC does an amazing job at prioritizing nutrition. They've demonstrated their commitment by actually changing the foods and beverages they serve to the kids.”

Brooke Bennett
Nutrition Coordinator, Bronx Healthy Hearts/Bronx Health REACH

"MARC provides a great and comprehensive service for families and strongly complements our goals of providing community infrastructure, economic advancement, and youth services to the Mount Hope area. MARC provides several services that Mount Hope does not and is a great referral source for our tenants and community members. That we can provide space for MARC to operate allows us to indirectly offer expanded services to our community."

Shaun M. Belle, President and CEO
Mount Hope Housing Company